Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Combo Soccer Bet Strategy of betting

One of the most risky, but rewardable strategies when it comes to making combo soccer bets is trying to predict a few draws and multiply the big odds.

Everyone who bets knows that the draw is oftenly the biggest odd you can target in the search of a big profit. Depending on the game, the odd for a draw could vary between 2.25 and 3.25, for example. Let’s say that we choose four games with a 2.85 odd for a draw. Multiply the odds and you have 65.9. For just four games!

Of course, we all know that successfully predicting four draws in the same time is an incredibly difficult task. But let’s say it like that - if you bet 2 euro on a 65.9 odd, you could win 131.8 euro. This is a very good profit for a just 2 euro bet. And if you lose? If you’re a serious player with a good ground under your feet, then losing just 2 euro shouldn’t be a big problem for you, right?

Imagine if you have the luck you need. Then you could win more than 100 euro with just 2 euro and all it takes is successfully predicting four draws, for example Of course, you should pick carefully the games you bet on. Take a look at the statistics and see which are the teams who draw the most from different leagues. Then be brave and try your luck!

Doing a combo soccer bet with three, four or even five draws is a strategy with a generally low chance for success, but it could mean an amazing profit with a risk of losing a low sum of money. It’s more like a strategy for having fun, then a solid one for winning money, but we all love to have fun sometimes, right?

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